Glycolic Skin Peels - Mild Formula Skin Peels in Newcastle

Glycolic Skin Peel

Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA)

Glycolic acid is the mildest of the peel formulas we use at the Body Detox Clinic. Used to freshen the skins appearance and give a radiant look.

These acids essentially work by exfoliating the skin to remove the layer of dead cells on the skin’s surface thus revealing the smoother, healthier-looking layer below.

You can buy AHA products in pharmacists and department stores, but these products are not permitted to contain AHA concentrations of more than 10 % which is too low, really, to have much effect on the skin. Only trained healthcare professionals such as a nurse or doctor can use stronger concentrations. These are described as medical strength peels.

A chemical peel is a technique used to improve and smooth the texture of the skin using a chemical solution that causes the dead skin to slough off.

The first thing it does is exfoliate away the tough, dull, dead layer of skin, it also manages to penetrate through that layer and actually rejuvenate and regenerate the skin cells underneath. So typically you will get two benefits; the exfoliation as well as the rejuvenation which is helpful for things like fine lines and blemishes

Glycolic peels are suitable for most people, even those without a specific concern and what’s more you don’t need to have any downtime It is suitable for all skin types including dark skins.

The main incentive for people to have a glycolic peel is to improve on what they’ve got, as it makes skin looks its best. A lot of people just want to look better, they want to look that much fresher, more plump, more glowing and that’s what is so great about glycolic peels., even if you don’t have any specific issues or concerns for treatment you can still benefit from the treatment

Before your first treatment your practitioner will assess your skin and your primary concerns and will then advise if a Glycolic peel would be suitable for you.

While a single peel will deliver a noticeable benefit, a course is sometimes recommended for optimum results.

Your face will be cleaned, then the glycolic solution 50 % strength   is applied to your skin for up to three layers

While the solution is on your skin you can feel a very light tingle which gradually increases. In no way is it painful or uncomfortable.  Your practitioner will then neutralise the solution., Instantly stopping the tingling feeling. Your skin is then treated to a hydrating mask

The whole process takes about twenty minutes and your skin is left slightly pink, Other than that you’re good to resume your normal activities.

Normally, you have a nice glow to your skin for approximately three days, then on day four or five Initially you will have a nice glow to your skin, around day three you shed individual skin cells, so the skin can look slightly dryer and you can have some mild flaking from day three to day five.”

You won’t have sheets of skin falling off your face, the after effects of a glycolic peel are nowhere near as dramatic.

Due to the mild nature of glycolic peels, recovery time is virtually non-existent. Slight irritation may occur to the skin, but it will not be enough to disrupt normal daily activities. Make up can be worn the following day if desired.

The results you can get from a glycolic peel are definitely noticeable, but they’re subtle.

Post peel your skin is sensitive to UV so make sure you use a high SPF on your face.

If you have a wedding or special event coming up you may choose to have a one off treatment, while a single peel will deliver a noticeable benefit, a course is sometimes recommended for optimum results.

Having regular glycolic peels will see that your skin looks its absolute best.​. We suggest one per month for three months then move on to maintenance – one peel every three to six months.

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