Skin Peels for reducing Acne scars & wrinkles in Newcastle upon Tyne

Chemical Skin Peels

When you hear the words acid, chemical and peel you automatically feel anxious, but actually skin peels are one of the best and least invasive ways to improve your skin.

Acid peels have been around for ages, they’re one of the most tried and tested ways to improve your skin health. There are several types of acid peels available and at The Body Detox Clinic we provide The Perfect Peel, a medium to deep peel.

A chemical peel is a technique used to improve and smooth the texture of the skin using a chemical solution that causes the dead skin to slough off and eventually peel.

The first thing it does is exfoliate away the tough, dull, dead layer of skin, it also manages to penetrate through that layer and actually rejuvenate and regenerate the skin cells underneath. So typically you will get two benefits; the exfoliation as well as the rejuvenation which is helpful for things like fine lines and blemishes

The regenerated skin is smoother, less wrinkled and appears fresher than the old skin.

While a single peel will deliver a noticeable benefit, a course is sometimes recommended for optimum results.

Some chemical peels are single skin peel treatments and involve no downtime. Others require a course of treatments, some of which have little or no down time, others with a maximum of seven days.

All our peel solutions are categorised as a medical strength. Therefore, only qualified healthcare professionals can use these peel solutions.

You may require a glowing look for a wedding, or a more in-depth peel for a more problematic skin, at the Body Detox Clinic we offer a free no obligation consultation to help you decide if a skin peel could be right for you.