Colonic Irrigation

Colonic Irrigation

Colonic irrigation/hydrotherapy quickly, safely and effectively eliminates large quantities of impacted waste material and toxins which have accumulated over weeks, months even years!

An average person can carry between 5-25lbs of old faecal matter in their colon.

Benefits of colonic hydrotherapy

The benefits are numerous, as well as hydrating the whole body’s system and stimulating the bowel, the aesthetic benefits include a natural skin boost, increased vitality and the reduction of conditions such as cellulite. As metabolic efficiency improves it can also help with general weight loss. Constipation, diarrhoea, bloating, flatulence, indigestion, I.B.S. Colitis, haemorrhoids, water retention, food allergies, bad breath, body odour, acne, eczema, psoriasis, dandruff, headaches, M.E. Fatigue, irritability, P.M.T. Candida (thrush), joint pain, liver, kidney, immune and overweight problems often improve. Most people feel more energised with improved mental clarity experiencing an overall sense of mental and physical well being.

As well as helping specific problems, most people feel lighter; more energised and experience an overall sense of mental and physical well being. The treatment is carried out in a relaxed and caring environment, All staff are medically qualified practitioners and all contact equipment used is disposable and used once only.

The colonic hydrotherapy process

Before treatment can be carried out it will be necessary for you to complete a Health Questionnaire. The therapist will be at hand to assist you with this.

  • All contact equipment is disposable and is opened in front of the client.
  • We use State of the Art equipment.

Colonic Irrigation (also known as colonic hydrotherapy) is the gentle infusion of warm filtered water into the large intestine (colon) to help cleanse it of old faecal matter, gas, mucous and parasites. A healthy colon is essential to a healthy body. Conventional diets of today, comprised of refined and processed foods, high in saturated fats and low in natural fibre, coupled with sedentary lifestyle contribute to a multitude of bowel disorders and subsequent health problems.


For more information on Colonic Irrigation visit our Frequently Asked Questions Page by clicking here: Colonic Irrigation – Frequently Asked Questions



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